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What body shaming our female athletes really says about our society.

@SimoneBiles Instagram

Scrolling during lockdown I came across an article about Simone Biles, THE world renowned 5 time Olympic medalist (4 Gold, 1 Bronze) gymnast.

The 23 year old has a career that is the stuff of legends. Simone has multiple National and World Championship wins under her belt including her latest performance at the 2019 Stuttgart World Championships, where she took 5 golds including the all-around title, solidifying her as one of the greatest gymnasts and arguably, Olympians of all time.

Too bad Simone can’t post a picture on Instagram without it being slated by comments about her having ‘too many…

Raducanu. Getty/TPN

The 2021 US Open was an event that will go down in history. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 two teenagers faced off for tennis greatness.

Is there a female equivalent to David vs… David? Britain’s Emma Raducanu entered the tournament with a world ranking of 150th — a notable increase due to her impressive performance at this year’s Wimbledon. Emma took on Canadian Leylah Fernandez, who ranked 73rd and was a notable favourite for the win.

Regardless of their stats, the teen duo quickly struck a cord with tennis fans who were poised to watch the rise of this…

Time to start feeling again.

@Netflix My Octopus Teacher

When was the last time a documentary about an Octopus brought you to tears? Yep, that just happened.

Staring Craig Foster, ‘My Octopus Teacher,’ is the love story we all need right now.

Set on the shores of South Africa, the documentary follows the journey of a filmmaker who’s suffering from burnout and goes looking for inspiration by diving in the kelp forests of his childhood. A chance encounter with a female Octopus evolves into a year long obsession with the underwater muse, as Foster’s daily dives deliver him on a journey of awakening.


Paul Popper/Popperfoto, via Getty Images

FACT: It’s impossible to do a bicep curl and NOT look at your bicep. I’ve never tried but neither has anyone else who’s ever done a bicep curl.

Why are we obsessed with watching ourselves workout? Are we looking for correct form? Is our proprioception so bad we need a visual confirmation of where we are in space?

Or is it something more primal? Do we love the look of muscles? Are we instinctively drawn to the movement of the body, the sweat, the flex? Do our genes hijack our attention as we stare wide-eyed and drooling at the biggest…

Dam rights, they’re better than yours.

Thanks Cottonbro From Pexels

Check out my gym shark leggings.

See those curves. See that angle. Get out of my shot! That’s better.

Fit AF.

We’re not Gym Salmon (even though they come in Salmon), not Gym — what’s another fish? Tuna. Gross. Prawn. Is that a fish? Gold, that’s a fish. Yay! Gold.

No, We’re GymSharks. The king of the Ocean. Like, if Beyonce were a Shark she’d be a Great White. No! Black! I mean every diversity can be King or Queen or LGBTQ+ Royalty of the Ocean, right. We’re inclusive — as long as your…

Photo: Clay Banks on Upsplash @Claybanks

Try adding some Tiny Habits Secret Sauce — Celebration.

BJ Fogg is the Tiny Habits guy. More specifically, he is a Behavioural Scientist, Stanford Lecturer, entrepreneur and author of the NY Times best selling book (you guessed it) Tiny Habits.

With a client list 40,000+ long, including heavy hitters like Mike Krieger (founder of Instagram) and podcast titan Tim Ferris, Tiny Habits is deserving of a more weighty peruse.

Dr. Fogg investigates the intricacies of human behaviour, specifically, health habits. He elegantly distilled years of research into a single model, aptly named the ‘Fogg Behavioural Model’ or B=MAP.


“Behavior (B) happens when Motivation (M), Ability (A), and a Prompt (P) come together at the same moment.”

Let’s break these down.

MOTIVATION — Allows us to do…

And why they NEED to change

Photo by Leon Martinez from Pexels

1. ’I just want to loose weight’

Don’t we all sister. According to the WHO website, 39% of the GLOBAL population is classified as overweight, 13% are obese. In the UK and USA, women account for a larger portion of this percentage compared to men.

This isn’t breaking news. Obesity was the first modern day global pandemic. While the severity of these stats on our personal health and national healthcare systems cannot be understated. What really irks me about this statement is the use of the word, ‘just’.

‘I just want to loose weight’ is typically code for —

‘What is the fastest way to shed my…

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Upsplash

Any PT/Coach/Spin Instructor will tell you the hardest part about working out is showing up. Commitment is key.

‘You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.’ — Aristotle. Preach.

So why is committing to our health so difficult?

Because this is the 1000th time I’ve tried to ‘get healthy’ and gave up. Because I can’t afford it. Because I don’t have time. Because ‘life’ happens. Because I’m addicted to Oreos. Because my cat is vegan. This list is endless, but one of the biggest reasons is … because that shit’s scary.

Committing to…


Coach, PT, Giving this writing thing a go.

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